Reign of Pleasure

Reign of Pleasure - Emma Petersen Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews
Lady Rhiannon is the true queen of the last of the exalted royal bloodline of Ether. She is shunned by the court because she married a *gasp!* human who is now deceased, and she has failed to bare a child and heir. Her people are born telepaths, reading the thoughts and feelings of others. Rhiannon’s supernatural gift is most powerful during sexual encounters. Since the death of her human husband a century ago, she has refrained from having sex with men, feeding her psychic needs only by pleasuring women. Enter Lord Ignius Sebastian AKA Lord Death, and things get really hot and wicked. Most importantly, Rhiannon discovers what she is made of and proves she deserves to be queen and everyone else in the court and beyond can go suck an egg.

I must admit I am not very familiar with the erotica genre and have no experience really writing a review on one. I could guess from the title and from the cover art that this was going to be a hot read, but I was not expecting the smokin sex right out of the gate! I giggled like a school girl, wiped my brow, drank a glass of ice cold water, and even exchanged a few emails with Ms. Petersen herself over my initial case-of-the-giggles reaction.

To sum it up, Reign of Pleasure is exactly how an erotic fairy tale would play out for me as a woman. A mysterious hulking animal of a man arrives for me, bonks me over the head, tosses me over his shoulder and carries me away to his cave of a castle, does unmentionable things to and with me, then I end up tossing him on his head to keep him as mine. It is an awesome fantasy of escape and surrender, as well as a touching love story. This hot little number is short, dirrty, fast paced, emotionally fulfilling, and will seriously blow wind up your skirt then knock your socks off.